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   DISCOUNTS & Special Offers


• SITE SURVEYS- FREE in Cumberland County. Outside CO   Site Visit is 25% Discount + Travel.
• QUOTES- are a FREE Service.
•FIRST TIME CUSTOMERS- 15% Discount on hourly labor for   first service call. (Business Customers Only)
• SENIOR DISCOUNT- 10% Discount on hourly labor for any   service call. (Residential Only)
• MILITARY DISCOUNT- 10% DIscount on hourly labor for any   service call. (Residential Only)

• QUANTITY DISCOUNTS- apply only to Cabling. The more   Cable Drops the deeper the discount. Discounts start after the   first 5 Cable Drops. Discount will be determined based on   number of cables, building structure and type of installation.
• HOURLY DISCOUNTS- A discount for hourly service may   be applied if a hourly project runs into unneccessary   complications that prolong a project far past a reasonable   amount of installation time. The rate will be determined by   the project manager.

Discounts apply only to labor charges unless otherwise noted. Parts and Equipment are not subject to any discount deals. Discounts can not be compounded. If an item is eligible for multiple discounts only the highest discount can be applied to a single item.

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